Multi-Color Auto-Rotating Disco and Karaoke Party Light Bulb

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Got kids that love disco, karaoke or dance parties? Do you love disco and karaoke parties?

Then you'll love the all new auto-rotating, multi-color LED disco light!

Now you can set the scene for your next disco party or karaoke night...easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Screw it into your light socket
  2. Flick the switch on
  3. Get ready to sing and dance in colorful rotating light!

These lights are awesome...the colorful light helps your friends to relax, get in the mood and not feel so self-conscious!

Have fun together and watch as your friends really let their hair down and have a great time dancing, singing and moving to the groove!

And the rotating light makes the room really feel like you're at a disco - it's awesome fun!

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Multi-Color Disco Light

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