GENTLY LOVE YOUR PETS with the TRUE TOUCH Deshedding and Grooming Glove!

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Your pets are going to LOVE YOU FOR THIS...because now you can gently groom, massage and de-shed their fur all at the same time!

The amazingly soft True Touch five finger de-shedding glove mimics the touch of your hand as you stroke your pet, while at the same time it quickly removes shedding hair and fur.
With 180 super-soft silicone bristles your pet will love the feel of it's skin being massaged so much you'll have a friend for life!
And of course you'll no longer have all that annoying fur lying around - because the True Touch picks it all up as you stroke them, then you simply peel it off the glove - NO MORE MESSY FUR EVER AGAIN!
So easy to use, so easy to keep clean, so much love for your favorite pet!
Watch the video and see for yourself:


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