Perfect Tile Sealing Made Easy with PRO-CAULK the Silicone Caulking Tool

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Finally...An Easy To Use Tile Sealant Smoothing Tool That Gives Perfectly Formed Corner Joints Every Single Time - With No Messy Residual Silicone!

Introducing the PRO-CAULK silicone caulking tool - the awesome little caulking tool that will save you hours of time when it comes to corner joint sealing!

Why is that ask? Well if you've ever done any corner sealing with sealants you can never get a perfect finish, or if you do there is always residual and messy sealant that you have to painstakingly clean off right?
Well not any more! The PRO-CAULK smooths and cleans the silicone off all-in-one go!
Watch the video and see for yourself:
Here's Some PRO-CAULK Details:
  • HIGH QUALITY PU MATERIAL: the 3pc PRO-CAULK smoothing tools are made from flexible yet highly durable and solvent-resistant PU.
  • FULLY REUSABLE: after many uses the PU material can be cut and reshaped to make it seal "as new".
  • HIGH STABILITY: the PRO-CAULK remains flexible under different temperatures, so it can be used both summer and winter without losing shape. 
Here's What The PRO-CAULK Does: 
  • TOOL #1: standard chamfer, 5mm chamfer, 8mm chamfer, grout lines
  • TOOL #2: 16mm round, 10mm chamfer, 16mm chamfer, 90 degrees - no chamfer
  • Plus you get a bonus mini applicator and a caulk removal tool 
No more licking the finger or dabbing in water hoping to get a good corner joint, then having to clean up all the mess later because the PRO-CAULK does it all for you in one go and saves you heaps of time!
So what are you waiting for...


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